Chris began his directing career with Lemon Films (Portishead’s production company) directing videos for Portishead as a well as a documentary film for Alexander McQueen. He subsequently signed to RSA / Black Dog Films, for whom he directed music videos for artists including KT Tunstall and We Are Scientists as well as the short film ‘Switch On. Switch Off’  for the Live Earth Foundation.


Along side this work he has directed numerous projects for Radiohead, including the ‘blipvert’ commercials which accompanied the release of their album ‘Kid A’ (CAD Award For Best Advertising Campaign), online commercials for their ‘OK Computer’ re-release ‘OKNOTOK’ as well as their long form DVD ‘The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth’ Of All Time’. Chris also directed the bands live webcasts from their studio in Oxford between 1999 and 2005. 


As well as directing, Chris has been an avid comedy writer (with his comedy partner Justin Chubb) for 20 years. The duo started their career writing for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Weekending’  and in recent years have had success with the TV comedy ‘This is Jinsy’. After directing a series of comedy shorts for BBC online, the show was given a pilot which Chris not only directed and starred in, but also edited, sound mixed and carried out all the VFX (over 300 green screen / compositing shots). It was subsequently nominated for a Rose d’Or.


‘This is Jinsy’ was picked up by Sky Atlantic and Chris went on to co-write and star in 16 episodes alongside guest stars such as Stephen Fry, Harry Hill, David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Jennifer Saunders. The show was nominated for a British Comedy Award.